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This blog won the 2007 PR News Platinum PR Award for their ability to allow customers a glimpse of the company, the employees and their corporate culture. Southwest Airlines (SWA) Blogger Brian Lusk says they call it their “blog 2.0 site.” 

I have been a fan of Southwest Airlines since 2002.  I fly them often and almost always enjoy speedy service, on time departures, friendly customer service agents and flight attendants who sometimes sing or at the very least tell a joke or two.  (Remember the one that goes something like this – in the event of a loss cabin pressure, oxygen masks will be released overhead.  If you’re traveling with a child or someone who is acting like a child, please secure your mask first and then assist them. LOL – that’s good stuff – see…it sticks with you!)

Anyway, it’s a great blog because employees and customers interact in much the same way as they do on their planes.  Thinking back to those first few flights ever taken on SWA, their whole style of interaction took me by surprise.  I was used to boarding at the appropriate time, taking my assigned seat and then sitting back without another word unless it was time to select a beverage.  SWA changed all that.  There was dialogue at the boarding process, lining up, jokes on the plane, free drink coupons and a card for your birthday.  That’s similar to the conversation you’ll find on their blog.  It’s filled with information about the blog itself, latest news, interviews, videos, podcasts, photos, services and special offers.  They even have a poll each week where customers can vote on a particular topic and see the results the following week.  Last but not least, they of course link you back to be able to book a flight to your desired destination.

SWA’s “Nuts About Southwest” blog is just what you’d want to find – it’s fun, interactive and filled with useful information.


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  1. wouldn’t it be great if they also sent you a virtual bag of peanuts? 🙂

    Comment by Sherie | July 26, 2008 | Reply

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