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I have never liked video games or enjoyed computer games.   Sorry, they just aren’t for everyone.  However, this assignment has been a different experience for me.  I can sincerely say that I have a new appreciation for the gaming industry and marvel at their technological accomplishments and revolutionary ideas for connecting with consumers.

I think people are drawn to this similarly to when the movie Sex and the City opened — women flocked to theaters wearing their most fashionable attire complete with shoes clearly not meant for popcorn on the floor.  Martini glasses filled and refilled throughout the movie.  Women really got into the whole experience.  They joined the Sex and the City conversation just like gamers can join in the Second Life (SL) experience.

I am fascinated and eager to follow its evolution over the next few years.  SL is a virtual alternative world for users where you can make up who you are, where you live and what you do.  So why wouldn’t companies and advertisers jump at the chance to put themselves in the game and into a larger conversation?  Nothing prevents you from attending the new art exhibit in London’s Mayfair district or in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Want to visit The Tech Museum of Innovation and join The Tech Virtual Summit: Digital Democracy in Exhibit Design but just can’t be in California?  It’s no problem because the exhibit opens in real life and on SL.   The opportunities for individuals, companies and organizations are unlimited.  Do you want to plan a company conference but this year’s budget can’t accommodate a two day resort conference?  It’s no problem on SL.  Companies are creating employee-only islands and saving thousands in airfare and hotel bills.

OLG seems to hold many opportunities that are not just for “playing games.” It’s another world – literally — so who wouldn’t enjoy this new conversation? Surprisingly, I do.


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