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The Long Tail & Dating

The Long Tail offers an insightful look into how our economy is shifting from mass markets to millions of niches and how the internet has made it easier for consumers to find and buy those niche products they are looking for.  People have stopped going into the traditional record store to find that CD and opted instead to buy it off of iTunes from their thousands of selection of titles.  iTunes has something for everyone. 

This then got me thinking about the new way of dating – online.  In a world where many people have increasing demands on them with work and family, the traditional “brick and mortar” dating has been replaced with the and eHarmony alternatives.  If individuals are the “goods that aren’t selling so well in mainstream distribution”, these online aggregators have also been able to successfully connect its consumer to the “product” they are looking for.  This then gets me to ask, is the old way of meeting someone at a party or through friends eventually being replaced with this new “distribution of goods”? If, as the Long Tail theory predicts, the demand for even the most unique people are to be found online, then maybe this should be the way to go.  According to the Long Tail, there’s something for everyone. So how can we go wrong and why would we want to ever meet someone on “mainstream retail’s shelf” again?


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