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Voicemail or Email?

themachineisus raises a great point about the speed of our society today with his blog post “the voicemail is dead.”  themacineisus references Michael Arrington’s post on TechCruch arguing that voicemail is outside our workflow and then offers his own personal insight sharing names of services that are trying to make voicemail more efficient.

Sometimes, I think that you just do need to leave a message — a REAL message.  However, I generally agree with themachineisus and Arrington.  Do we really need or have the time to play back a message that just says “call me”? Obviously someone knows you want to talk when they see the caller ID. Isn’t that a sign that someone wants to speak with you?  And if I have a quick question and busy at work, yes, I usually leave my email address.  It’s faster and I don’t have the write down the information on a piece of paper.  It’s already on the email message that I can print, save or forward on to someone else.  All of this is much faster than a phone call or worse, playing phone-tag.  In fact, now that I think about it, I spend more time emailing my family than I actually do on the phone. Oh and speaking about family, you can forget about phone calls in general with your teenage nieces and nephews – it’s strictly text only.

Perhaps I’ll look into services such as GrandCentral mentioned by themachineisus and help him get this movement along.  Don’t worry, we will not be exchanging voicemails.  We already know what we’re talking about so I’ll check out his Facebook page and we’ll email instead.


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  1. Wow, your post reads just like a short-term deja vu to me, since I just had this conversation with a friend yesterday evening about how annoying it is to receive voice mail that only says “hi, it’s me, call me back, please” – I also think it is such a waste of time (unless there is a real message). Definiely email over voice mail! Let’s take the opposite example – would we email someone to tell them: “hi, it’s me, email me back, please.”? Looks silly in writing, so maybe the remedy to useless voicemail is to send ths person a similarly maeningless email and ask them about their reaction 🙂

    Comment by Tatyana | July 21, 2008 | Reply

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