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Who’s in charge – Google or me?

Search and Google have definitely expanded our world but I wonder, does it increase or diminish our personal relationships with people? 

If Google Desktop Serch (DGS) and my clickstream can identify personal purchasing intents and why (i.e. Battelle’s What to Expect When Your Expecting story from his book Search) and 1-800 Flowers already reminds me when its my sister’s birthday, what exactly am I doing other than inserting my credit card information (which is also likely information already stored online) into the computer?  So if I pay my bills, buy clothes, groceries, birthday presents and books all online, I don’t ever have to think of the next purchase because it has likely already been identified for me. 

What about when the GPS in my car identifies that I drove to Dr. Dentist, feeds that information to my computer back home and then reminds me in four months to get my next cleaning? Or when the computer recognizes Dr. Dentist just announced her retirement, sends me an email and suggests three alternatives within a one mile radius already approved by my healthcare plan? Let’s also say my GPS notes the amount of time spent in and out of my vehicle.  Monday thru Friday I drove to work at 6:30am and drive home at 11:30pm.  Would it recognize a long week at work, feed that information to my computer to produce an email on Saturday suggesting I take a bike ride or a trip to the spa? Then based on my previous purchases at X Spa (that my computer already knows), I would have services and availability all waiting for me with the click of a button?  Don’t forget Google’s intent-based marking would probably have already identified a number of alternative spas for me to choose from and then suggest that I bring my mother because it is her birthday.   

Am I having a relationship with Google or with people at this point? Maybe that’s what I’m afraid of.


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