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We the Media is a great book that really gave me perspective on the world of New Media today and the possibilities of tomorrow (generally speaking since today is already gone and tomorrow’s media is already growing and changing even as we type, read and discuss it).   

To me, the book significantly highlights three key components to understanding New Media —

First, the Internet brings together all kinds of people, from all around the world and for all different reasons for a conversation that generates powerful impact.  Berners-Lee gave the world an open foundation on which new ground and innovation was to be explored.

Second, for over one hundred years, Big Media limited us with one-to-many communication but now we have the tools for many-to-many and few-to-few.  This New Media brings a dialogue to the table empowering openness, transparency, and the opportunity for every person to be heard. 

And lastly, the wide range of impact with this New Media extends across journalism, grassroots movements, the marketplace, politics, government, and even the military and law enforcement agencies (just to name a few) which all contribute to a local, national and globally engaged citizenry.

Ultimately, New Media’s scope for harnessing our collective energy and talents is important to us all because it connects the limitless opportunities to the conversations we join and the change we can effect in our new role of “the media”.


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